A picture a day… #2


At times Da Beat considers himself as falling somewhere in the autistic spectrum. One subtle hint would be his predisposition to graphics and geometry. It could be a reason for his liking of a particular brand of New Topographics. He did however realise once that the best graphics work because they deviate from the symmetrical.

Gregory Bateson already noted that in nature something similar occurs. Nature apparently favours topological symmetry, but with otherwise asymmetrical properties or in asymmetrical proportions. Whenever Da Beat contemplates mother nature, he his also fascinated by her seemingly random yet never chaotic character.

In this case, the image represents a similar idea. It obviously depicts a sphere, with random elements that never entirely describe the circle. The full graphical shape is subsequently placed centred within the frame. We apparently have a “feel” for what constitutes the full shape and what can be considered a balance within the frame.

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