A picture a day… #14

Beautiful flow in the structure depicted in this image. Very much like Van Gogh in his later paintings. Perhaps this is what you start to see once your brain deteriorates from the consumption of too much absinthe. Or perhaps this is what his retina eventually looked like, so he saw everything with a pointillistic flow. Continue reading A picture a day… #14

More Boxification

It’s odd with Da Beat’s mindset and boxification. Clearly, boxification is about the change in the industrial landscape to highly functional but extremely unappetising boxes. This obviously suggests that wider views need to be captured in order to depict the actual landscape, and not singular units that usually result in almost abstract studies. Yet somehow currently in its infant state, this project seems to trigger … Continue reading More Boxification

A picture a day… #6

Really, Da Beat could seriously do these all day long. Although, here he was perhaps a little quick on the draw. Passing the building at the side, he thought it was just another box, but it ain’t so. It’s a large box with a curved/waved front. He didn’t have time for the curved front, nor is he sure when the light is right either being … Continue reading A picture a day… #6

A picture a day… #4

Da Beat is sharpening his color sensibilities, or at least, he likes to think so. This is a simple colorstudy by abstraction.¬†Obviously, the interior designer has already created the colorscheme, so Da Beat can hardly claim any responsibility for the same (although he’ll hasten to add that not all interior design is created equal). In this picture he tried to abstract the impression by visually … Continue reading A picture a day… #4

A picture a day… #2

At times Da Beat considers himself as falling somewhere in the autistic spectrum. One subtle hint would be his predisposition to graphics and geometry. It could be a reason for his liking of a particular brand of New Topographics. He did however realise once that the best graphics work because they deviate from the symmetrical. Gregory Bateson already noted that in nature something similar occurs. … Continue reading A picture a day… #2