As mentioned previously, Da Beat likes the idea of a sustainable future. Part of that future is, without doubt, hydrogen. Da Beat likes hydrogen. He likes hydrogen a lot. He likes hydrogen because it epitomises minimalism. It’s the smalles atom possible, and yet, precisely because of its minimal make up, it packs such extreme potential. And that of course is exactly what minimalism in visual … Continue reading Hydrogen

Da Beat goes Street: Rembrandt

This site is subtitled Da Beat goes Street, because every now and then, Da Beat does streetphotography. He realises this is a laden, almost controversial term, therefore he will share his personal idea about the term. It should merely be taken as an indication of how he will apply the label on this site. Not as a genre definition. First of all, streetphotography should be … Continue reading Da Beat goes Street: Rembrandt


Today Da Beat went past a good example of boxification (read here for an explanation). ┬áThis building is situated at the edge of a particular industrious area right next to a canal. The canal makes for a lovely walk, but you may want to look the other way only. The cool thing about these relatively large boxes is the way the light reflects off the … Continue reading Boxification

The Prophecy

Like most people Da Beat is fascinated by time. As a philosophical concept that is. The fact that we’re stuck in the here and now, stuck in an ever fleeting moment of awareness which isn’t quite the future, but has yet to become the past. An interesting point of existential zero. And of course, Da Beat frequently ponders what the future may hold. At one … Continue reading The Prophecy

A picture a day… #2

At times Da Beat considers himself as falling somewhere in the autistic spectrum. One subtle hint would be his predisposition to graphics and geometry. It could be a reason for his liking of a particular brand of New Topographics. He did however realise once that the best graphics work because they deviate from the symmetrical. Gregory Bateson already noted that in nature something similar occurs. … Continue reading A picture a day… #2