A picture a day… #3


Yesterday Da Beat walked into this interesting colorscheme. It’s a bit of graphical colorpoetry in the mundane, if you will. The quirky thing of course is that seemingly out-of-place plant with flowers. A bit of nature to “humanise” the almost eery, not quite inviting, seemingly desolate geometrics of the scene. There’s a door, but Da Beat feels no desire whatsoever to enter.

Incidentally, citycenter is gradually changing due to high vacancy of storefronts. Some 30% empty real estate because of crisis, internet, and never ending increase in rent. Da Beat finds it odd that it is even possible to have 30% empty real estate and increasing rent. One would think that economics 101, demand and supply, should regulate the price reasonably, yet somehow we have come to the point that prices for remaining occupants are apparently high enough that real estate developers can afford 30% vacancy.

The city itself in the mean time is desperately seeking ways to not let the attractiveness of storelocations deteriorate to the point of no return. A current trend is to print large canvases to completely block window views into empty storefronts. Da Beat likes to print his images large so he immediately figured 1+1=2, but then perhaps he should stop taking pictures of mundane, seemingly desolate, almost eery, not quite inviting scenes, since I presume that is exactly what they try to avoid.

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