Handicapped Sign

One day while at elementary school, Da Beat entered the classroom and was stopped by some non-specific classmate. Non-specific as in neither specifically bully, nor specifically victim. This person was pretending to give everyone entering the classroom a rabies shot. So Da Beat, like a f***ing meek sheep, just went along with the gig. Da Beat thinks that’s one of those problems with schools: they … Continue reading Handicapped Sign


As mentioned previously, Da Beat likes the idea of a sustainable future. Part of that future is, without doubt, hydrogen. Da Beat likes hydrogen. He likes hydrogen a lot. He likes hydrogen because it epitomises minimalism. It’s the smalles atom possible, and yet, precisely because of its minimal make up, it packs such extreme potential. And that of course is exactly what minimalism in visual … Continue reading Hydrogen


The sign reads “For Sale”. Da Beat happens to think this kind of represents the completely muddled, even — dare he say it? — hopeless situation that the Brexit stalemate really is, and with that the dire state that an utterly ineffective EU finds itself in. Everything is boxed-in, both mentally as well as physically, almost like imprisonment, and the mix of cultures, even within … Continue reading Brexit

A picture a day… #13

Da Beat has had a passing interest in alternative energy. He likes the idea of sustainable resources. We do have an obligation to implement these new technologies, not necessarily because of environmental concerns, but because we owe it to our intellect and intelligence. It’s the smart thing to do. He’s therefore saddened by what he sees happening in the new energy revolution. Clearly, we need … Continue reading A picture a day… #13