A picture a day… #6

Really, Da Beat could seriously do these all day long. Although, here he was perhaps a little quick on the draw. Passing the building at the side, he thought it was just another box, but it ain’t so. It’s a large box with a curved/waved front. He didn’t have time for the curved front, nor is he sure when the light is right either being … Continue reading A picture a day… #6


Today Da Beat went past a good example of boxification (read here for an explanation). ┬áThis building is situated at the edge of a particular industrious area right next to a canal. The canal makes for a lovely walk, but you may want to look the other way only. The cool thing about these relatively large boxes is the way the light reflects off the … Continue reading Boxification


The most disconcerting aspect of photography according to Da Beat is the fact that most people do not preconceive their images. Most people merely point and shoot, in which case you really end up with no more than a snapshot, literally. Sometimes people set up a shot with a bit more preparation, a long exposure landscape shot for example, but they still end up with … Continue reading Absurdism

A picture a day… #5

How do you obtain a deep B&W rendition? By stacking and dithering. First make sure you really have the tonal depth available at more than 8bits. Stacking is a useful option to create additional depth. At the same time, it also allows a slight increase in resolution under some circumstances.┬áNext apply a minute amount of noise so the display and conversion to lower bitrates still … Continue reading A picture a day… #5

Industrial Activity

Da Beat is running this ongoing project to document the local industrial activity in his hometown. Due to the economic structural make up of his homecountry, a lot of large warehousing has been build in the past couple of decades. These warehouses obviously look like dumb corrugated large boxes, and hence, they have now coined the term “boxification” for the effect on the industrial and … Continue reading Industrial Activity