More Boxification

It’s odd with Da Beat’s mindset and boxification. Clearly, boxification is about the change in the industrial landscape to highly functional but extremely unappetising boxes. This obviously suggests that wider views need to be captured in order to depict the actual landscape, and not singular units that usually result in almost abstract studies. Yet somehow currently in its infant state, this project seems to trigger … Continue reading More Boxification

A picture a day… #3

Yesterday Da Beat walked into this interesting colorscheme. It’s a bit of graphical colorpoetry in the mundane, if you will. The quirky thing of course is that seemingly out-of-place plant with flowers. A bit of nature to “humanise” the almost eery, not quite inviting, seemingly desolate geometrics of the scene. There’s a door, but Da Beat feels no desire whatsoever to enter. Incidentally, citycenter is … Continue reading A picture a day… #3