A picture a day… #6

Really, Da Beat could seriously do these all day long. Although, here he was perhaps a little quick on the draw. Passing the building at the side, he thought it was just another box, but it ain’t so. It’s a large box with a curved/waved front. He didn’t have time for the curved front, nor is he sure when the light is right either being … Continue reading A picture a day… #6

A picture a day… #4

Da Beat is sharpening his color sensibilities, or at least, he likes to think so. This is a simple colorstudy by abstraction.¬†Obviously, the interior designer has already created the colorscheme, so Da Beat can hardly claim any responsibility for the same (although he’ll hasten to add that not all interior design is created equal). In this picture he tried to abstract the impression by visually … Continue reading A picture a day… #4

A picture a day… #3

Yesterday Da Beat walked into this interesting colorscheme. It’s a bit of graphical colorpoetry in the mundane, if you will. The quirky thing of course is that seemingly out-of-place plant with flowers. A bit of nature to “humanise” the almost eery, not quite inviting, seemingly desolate geometrics of the scene. There’s a door, but Da Beat feels no desire whatsoever to enter. Incidentally, citycenter is … Continue reading A picture a day… #3