Handicapped Sign


One day while at elementary school, Da Beat entered the classroom and was stopped by some non-specific classmate. Non-specific as in neither specifically bully, nor specifically victim. This person was pretending to give everyone entering the classroom a rabies shot. So Da Beat, like a f***ing meek sheep, just went along with the gig. Da Beat thinks that’s one of those problems with schools: they try to teach you independent thinking, but apparently not by example. Do as everyone else does, sit up straight like everyone else does, listen to the teacher without question. If you fall outside the group you’ll become a paria.

Inside the group you can become a paria just as well, apparently. When Da Beat asked what the pretend rabies shot was for, the classmate answered that it was to inoculate us against some other classmate who happened to have relatively severe eczema or something similar. Yeah, Da Beat knows, kids can be really cruel toward each other, but he still wished he hadn’t gone along with the gig, and he wished he went straight to that other classmate and sit next to her, just to show that we don’t dismiss people for illnesses or disabilities.

And no, this was not meant as some short story on political correctness. Political correctness is when you never even considered a disabled person to be intellectually less capable, but are told that disabilities should not give you that impression either. At which point you obviously start to look at the disabled with entirely new eyes. Oh, this person is in a wheel chair. I wonder about her intellectual capacity right now…

The sign seems more of a funny juxtaposition than true street. On the other hand, maybe it does teach us about life. You know, even with all of its deformations, the sign appears to be entirely functional as per usual.

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