As mentioned previously, Da Beat likes the idea of a sustainable future. Part of that future is, without doubt, hydrogen. Da Beat likes hydrogen. He likes hydrogen a lot. He likes hydrogen because it epitomises minimalism. It’s the smalles atom possible, and yet, precisely because of its minimal make up, it packs such extreme potential.

And that of course is exactly what minimalism in visual communication should be about as well. The most amount of impact with the least amount of elements. If Da Beat wasn’t secretly fan of the wimmelbilder by the Breugels, he’d almost suggest it applies to all visual communication in general, and to composition in photography.

If you consider the seeming chaos in a wimmelbild as the subject itself, then perhaps it does apply to all composition. Find the minimum frame that maximises the chaos.

Yes, perhaps Da Beat is going to make this his first rule of composition. It could, if you think about it carefully, be considered the cardinal objective of a photographer or indeed any visual artist: to find the frame which represents the most amount of impact with the least amount of elements.

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