The sign reads “For Sale”. Da Beat happens to think this kind of represents the completely muddled, even — dare he say it? — hopeless situation that the Brexit stalemate really is, and with that the dire state that an utterly ineffective EU finds itself in. Everything is boxed-in, both mentally as well as physically, almost like imprisonment, and the mix of cultures, even within a relatively confined area like western EU, appears unnatural and broken.

“Residence Angleterre”? Who even came up with that phrase? In peculiar rounded handwriting type. Sticking out like a sour thumb in jarring opposition to all the squares. Placed to the side, beneath a rectangular shape separated from another rectangular shape. French indicating English. It doesn’t seem to mix very convincingly.

For sale, because everything is measured in terms of economic value and gain, commerce and trade the driving forces in assessments, negotiations, and implementation. A dominant model that seems to trump everything in its path, from culture and heritage, to wisdom and common-sense.

And yet, the overall appearance of the colors and shapes in this image has a decidedly prevalent halo of almost simplistic beauty, just like the idea behind the EU is of beautiful simplicity itself. A cooperative union that’s stronger than the sum of its parts. A true synergy, in which we accommodate and respect each other’s wishes and wellbeing.


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