A picture a day… #13

Da Beat has had a passing interest in alternative energy. He likes the idea of sustainable resources. We do have an obligation to implement these new technologies, not necessarily because of environmental concerns, but because we owe it to our intellect and intelligence. It’s the smart thing to do.

He’s therefore saddened by what he sees happening in the new energy revolution. Clearly, we need to implement, develop, and harvest all forms of alternatives. Unfortunately, what we see is that implementation and development gets completely skewed because of all the excessively singular governmental stimulus and subsidies, whereas harvest remains far behind what could be considered reasonable for the amount of effort and investments.

Behind the wall in this picture is a large field of solarpanels, because in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions you apparently want to cover up any space where a tree might grow!? Instead of trees we create a forrest of excessively large windmills in the countryside where especially the “camouflage” painting is almost ironic, and this all for what? If we’re lucky it covers 20% of our energy demand…

In the meantime the oil & gas industry in the background still seems to be wasting precious CO2 producing energy.


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