A picture a day… #9

There’s a small harbour near where Da Beat lives. Or maybe it’s more of a drydock area where people stall their boats during the winter. Or, from the looks of it, maybe boats are stored there for other reasons, since the boats don’t look like they’ve seen water recently and the place itself looks a bit out of time. There is a crane on the premises which has all the signs of an entire century worth of action.

One day Da Beat is going to document the place for the Industrial Activity project. It’s a fine example of a local business. A small area of slightly disorganised, industrialised activity with fascinating, almost antique machinery.

The other day though as he passed by, with the boats repetitively stowed next to each other and the clouds in the background, he decided to take a grab shot, and, since he likes a wordplay, he figured he’d call it: cruiseaders [sic].

The repetitive stance with the odd, cross-like mast and the impending storm in the background, reminiscent of a marching invasion, yet contrasted by the stagnate and almost neglected state of the “participants”, he thought that perhaps it can almost be considered as representative of our times.

Cruiseaders [sic]

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