Industrial Activity

Da Beat is running this ongoing project to document the local industrial activity in his hometown. Due to the economic structural make up of his homecountry, a lot of large warehousing has been build in the past couple of decades. These warehouses obviously look like dumb corrugated large boxes, and hence, they have now coined the term “boxification” for the effect on the industrial and urban landscape. So, yesterday Da Beat ventured out for some location scouting to find good examples to photograph.


An example of boxification in Da Beat’s hometown. He decided to call this “Exit Strategy”. This is a publicly traded company. The doors are emergency exits, but the waterdrains make it look sort of like a map, a very simple map, like most businessplans describe a very simple “exit strategy” for potential investors: the stockexchange.

While he did find great examples of boxification, none inspired him in a photogenic sense. What he did find though was this little nugget of industrial activity. It’s a small-ish container terminal near several shipyards. (Another great photo-op). This is not of the size of the larger harbours in his country, but a great example of local activity. However, it is not local to his hometown, though he always thought it appropriate to extend the project nationwide.

It is merely a test shot, actually a 10k wide crop from a 20k wide panoshot. (Full pano available here). He is considering to go for a clear sky here. He likes the sort of colorful containerstacks. That crane btw is a beauty of its own with that winding stairs and large pully. The view is well accessible and would be nicely lit by a late afternoon sun.


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