The Prophecy


Like most people Da Beat is fascinated by time. As a philosophical concept that is. The fact that we’re stuck in the here and now, stuck in an ever fleeting moment of awareness which isn’t quite the future, but has yet to become the past. An interesting point of existential zero. And of course, Da Beat frequently ponders what the future may hold.

At one point he was visiting a large home&garden megastore, and, as is not uncommon in those places, they sell large quantities of different stuff with which you can adapt your home to your personal, unique and individual taste. Large quantities of stuff for your unique taste, now there’s a concept.

Anyway, he walked into a large number of stacked, round glass vases (not literally, of course), which immediately reminded him of crystal balls, and being in a large commercial environment he suddenly had a rather funny thought: what if this was indeed the place to go buy a crystal ball? You know, just like an electronics shop with rows and rows of brand new televisionsets.

Which subsequently triggered an entire train of questions and events, like what if you are the crystal ball gazer and a client comes in and after doing the hocus pocus thingy the crystal ball visions remain misty. That you think that perhaps the crystal ball is becoming a bit long in the tooth because the future wasn’t clear and you probably require a new one. Where do you go to?

And what if you are a crystal ball gazer and you walk into a store like that with a large number of stacked crystal balls that you happen to stare at for selection purposes, and suddenly you see all these different futures in all of those different crystal spheres, because, well, that’s what they are meant to do, no? Would it be much like walking into an electronics shop where dozens of televisionsets spew dozens of different demo vids out onto the disinterested customers?

So Da Beat hit the shutter with the camera in its contrasty B&W mode to abstract the round shapes and the intricate reflections into a gritty pattern of fine lines and fascinating detail. He additionally exaggerated the contrast and had it printed really large as well, so you even begin to see the separate pixels. The pixelated effect adds to the effect. An effect of fine lines and patterns, representing perhaps life lines of potential futures and unknown events. And somewhere on one of those lines we travel, never quite in the future, but not yet in the past either.

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