A picture a day… #1

Da Beat has decided to post a picture a day to force himself to actually venture out each day and take a picture. Well, it doesn’t have to be outside of course, but pictures taken inside usually tend to be less interesting and more experimental. Not generally a good combination. Admittedly, Da Beat has promised himself previously to do a picture a day, and then immediately found himself cramped for cameratime, so it remains to be seen whether this promise holds up.


Today marks a bit of a change in the weather. The sun is gradually winning a temperature conflict with a northerly wind that picks up its character from the cold sea. So, people enjoy the warmth of the sun on their face, even while still inside.

This woman was enjoying the sun, but her reflection was also available in the window, giving that always interesting difference of seeing a face from the side versus seeing a frontal portrait. Although it didn’t quite pan out the way I wanted it, there is still enough tension and mystery in the scene to make for a mildly interesting picture.

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